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Terry the Swearing Turtle

- Fun Gadget Gift For Him!

Terry the Turtle has a little problem... As hard as he tries to keep them in, the curse words, whistles and chirps just keep slipping out. Shouldn't laugh really but... A swearing turtle called Terry with a dumbfounded face is funny! The turtle with tourettes!


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Terry is motion and switch activated so you can place him somewhere inconspicuous like on top of the fridge and when someone walks past Terry will blurt out something along the lines of .... "Bum Brain!" His head pops up and his arms move from side to side when he delivers his expletives. Terry's built in audio chip includes 25 unique outbursts with three setting. You simply wont believe what comes out of his mouth!

Click to BUY Terry the Swearing TurtleNever fear, if Terry's language becomes a little too fruitful for certain ears there is a PG setting and 18+ for the brave!


  • Motion and switch activated
  • Head pops up and arms move from side-to-side
  • 25 unique outbursts
  • Choice of three settings - motion activated, switch activated, and 'always on' random mode
  • Batteries not included

Dimensions (approximately):

  • Height: 17cm
  • Width: 12cm

Age Suitability:

  • Ages 16+



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