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Pink Sun Jar
Pink Sun Jar £8.99

Moon Jar
Blue Sun Jar £12.99


Solor Powered Sun Jar

The Sun Jar has been voted eco-friendly Gift of the Year!

The amazing Sun Jar actually collects sunshine so it can be released at night.

Yellow Sun Jar - £12.99

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The Sun Jar is contained in a traditionally frosted Mason jar with top of the range solar powered lighting. Simply place the sun jar in sunlight and it will store up the sunshine, which is magically released when its dark to light up the three small LED lights inside the sun jar. It gives off the most calming glow at night to help you relax and unwind after a hard day at the office. The Sun Jar is waterproof and looks even better when in batches and you can use them to decorate your garden so it resembles an enchanted grotto at night!

For optimum performance - leave the Sun Jar outdoors or in a sunny location in DIRECT sunshine for a few hours so it is charged (electric lights inside are not bright enough).

Click to BUY Sun Jar

Click to BUY Sun Jar

Main Features:

  • Auto light sensor on/off switch
  • Suitable: age 5+
  • Requirements: Solar Cell Battery (included) and sunshine
  • Dimensions: 16cm x 10cm x 10cm
  • Gift boxed

The Sun Jar is also available Pink and in Blue otherwise known as the 'Moon Jar'.

Pink Sun Jar - £8.99

Pink Sun Jar

Blue Sun Jar - £12.99

Moon Jar


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