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The Slanket Blanket

Gorgeously comfortable and cosy slanket fleece blanket with large, loose sleeves.


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We’ve all had this problem; it's winter and you’ve just got yourself snuggled up in a nice-warm blanket on the sofa. But there’s a flaw in this genius plan, to reach the TV remote, turn the pages of your book or hold your steaming cup of hot chocolate, you need to break your newly created cocoon of warmth and release your arms destroying the perfectly formed bubble of comfort it took you ages to get right.

Well you’ll be happy to find out that there is a solution!

The clever folks who invented the Slanket have obviously been in the above situation one too many times. They’ve put together a gorgeously comfortable and cosy fleece blanket with large, loose sleeves (Hence the name) to create the most comfortable blanket in the world that lets you cocoon yourself in warmth on the sofa as well as holding your extremely important hot chocolate or book.

You don’t have to use it on the sofa either! It’s great for bedtime, camping, slouching around the house on a cold day, the sky is the limit! After taking the US market by storm, the UK has now got its chance to experience the best blanket ever.

The Slanket is available in:

Please make your selection from the options.

We also have Kids Slankets so now the whole family can live in Slankety comfort!

Please note: The Slanket is so roomy it can fit 2 people in it quite comfortably (with one sleeve each) but because it is so big, pettite people may be a little swamped, If you're a pettite person, you may be more comfortable with one of our Kid's Slankets, which are also very spacious.

Don’t miss your chance, this one is a must for the ever approaching British winter!


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