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Silver Love Heart It says it all 'I Love You'

Silver Love Heart - £6.99

Retail Price: £29.36!

Silver Love Heart

'Money Can't Buy Me Love' are the famous music lyrics by the Beatles, which could be true but doesn't it appear that the wealthy always have a string of gorgeous women?

It might be to do with them being able to buy flash cars, diamond rings and Rolex watches?  Or it could be down to their handsome good looks!

Some of us show our love in other ways and it's these ways that are often more appreciated.

The Silver Plated Love Heart is not worth millions of £££'s and it's not as flashy as a diamond ring, but it expresses exactly what you want to say and it will mean so much to whoever you give it to. It's so sweet!!!

We all remember back at school when we gave someone or were lucky enought to receive a Love Heart sweet with a special message.  Usually, it was I Love You, Kiss Me, Marry Me or one of a series of other little messages that were so much easier to say with a sweet! 

This is identical to the Love Heart sweet apart from it's Silver Plated.  It has three precious words of "I LOVE YOU", making it the perfect gift for the love of your life.  They can carry it wherever they go as a permanent reminder of your love.

It's a perfect gift for men or women and is the ideal gift for every occasion.  Whether it's for Valentine's Day, an engagement a wedding gift, for a birthday or Christmas or just to show you care, this is a perfect gift. It has the extra benefit that it can be kept close at all times so you'll never be far from their heart.

Silver Love Heart


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