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Chocolate Body Paint
Chocolate Body Paint £10.99

Heart Chocolate Truffles
Heart Chocolate Truffles £12.99





Romantic Gifts For Him

Romantic Gifts for a boyfriend, husband - any man will love these thoughtful romantic love gifts.

Jordan Ironing Board Cover - £14.95

Do you stuggle to get your man to help with the ironing? - then struggle no more! This fun gift for him should hopefully encourage him to get the iron steaming!


Romantic Mood Toast - £4.95

Toast is a great snack and a favourite breakfast food. Why not make it more interesting by writing a romantic message on his toast?


Paris Massager
Paris Massager - £22.95

Introducing Paris, the Femme Fatale... she is the very embodiment of Parisian style and seDucktion! It's not hard to see why this enchanting waterproof massager that has become an instant hit the world over...


Click to BUY Nookii Game - Unique Romantic Gift For Him
Nookii Game - £24.95

The Nookii Game, most definitely is not your run of the mill after dinner game or even your average adult board game. Your man will love it!



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Bed Of Roses Gift Set
Bed Of Roses Gift Set £21.99