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Peekaboo Pole Dancing Kit

Includes Dance Moves Book, 100 Peekaboo £'s, Garter & Instructional DVD!

This is a unique gift that you might enjoy more than she will! Far more enjoyable than chocolates, sexy lingerie or a romantic weekend.

Buy Peekaboo Pole Dancing Kit - £49.95

For ladies thinking of purchasing it, imagine your fella's reaction if you gave him tickets to watch the football team he supports in a Cup Final match – he will definitely like this more! A lot more! Just imagine the sheer look of pleasure on his anticipating face when he gets home to find his woman eager to give him a special private pole dance for his eyes only!

So what is the Peekaboo Pole Dance Kit?  Its simply a pole dancing kit suitable for erecting in your own home!  But the best part is that it doesn't need any special tools, no complicated building work and you don't have to have an engineering degree to construct it!  It is very simple to construct and only takes a few minutes and can be erected with just your bare hands! 

The pole arrives in three simple sections that slot together.  Then you simply position the pole in the correct position and its up, up and away!  As the Peekaboo pole is sprung-loaded it will stay securely in place and no screws and bolts are required!  The Peekaboo Pole Dancing Kit is compatible with ceilings of up to 2.5 metres and that means its suitable for the majority of ceilings in Britain (average height ceiling is 2.29 metres). 

Another benefit is that the pole goes up or down in an instant, meaning you can quickly pack it away should you get any unexpected visitors when its erected in the living room!  Then you can simply put it up again when they have left, what could be easier!

The Peekaboo Pole Dancing Kit is accompanied with its very own complete book of Peekaboo Pole Dancing moves to get you up and moving! The book includes moves such from 'Thighs the Limit' to 'The Booty Shake'.

The Pole Dancing Kit also contains 100 Peekaboo £££££'s as well as a garter to put them in, just to add to the excitement!  All that it doesn't come with are you and the music!

The Peekaboo Pole Dancing Kit is not just great fun for the bedroom, it has a range of other perks as well.  It's an extremely fashionable fitness aid (yes its true!) and is perfect for a wild night with the girls... or boys, whatever you prefer! 

  • Pole comes in three easy to assemble sections in Chrome and Steel
  • Sprung-loaded mechanism that enables the pole to extend and covers ceiling heights below 2.5 metres (average ceiling height in Britain is 2.29 metres)
  • Assemble or dismantle in less than a minute!
  • Free DVD with instructions
  • Improved plate for ceiling to give extra stability

What are you waiting for...


  • Suitable for ceilings up to 2.45 metres / 8ft


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