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Heaven Scent Massage & Body Oil Kit

In our busy lives we do not spend enough time with each other so why not treat your partner to a fabulous body massage. The sense of touch is the most sensuous of all so why not buy this fabulous massage oil set and put some serious together time aside and give them the massage of their dreams.

Buy Romantic Massage Oil Kit - £5.95

Treat your sweetheart with this luxurious pack of massage and body oils.

Every one enjoys a massage and what better time to run your hands over and pummel your lover’s body into submission than St.Valentines day.

Help is quite literally at hand with our ‘Heaven Scent’ massage and body oil. Work out the stresses of the day from those tired muscles with one of these aromatic mood enhancing formulas.

Work out the stresses of the day from tired muscles.

Choose from four essential oil enriched mood enhancing formulars:

  • Lavender - Calming
  • Rosemary and Tea-tree - Purifying
  • Peppermint and Eucalyptus - Invigorating
  • Ginger and Orange - Soothing

Instructions to ensure the perfect time:

  • Turn off mobile
  • Kids (if any) to friends for the night
  • Cat fed
  • Romantic music
  • Gentle lighting
  • Your imagination…

Feel the tension melt away from their body, and the relaxed mellowed lover normally rediscovered only on a beach during your summer holidays reappears.


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