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Chocolate Body Paint
Chocolate Body Paint £10.99

Heart Chocolate Truffles
Heart Chocolate Truffles £12.99



Gifts For Him

Unique gifts for a boyfriend, brother, husband, father, son, uncle - any man will love these delightful gifts.

USB Boxer - £14.68

Click to BUY USB Boxer

Test your skill and rhythm with the most interactive USB toy ever! Fully interactive USB Boxer with graphics and sounds.

Laserpod - £49.95

Click to BUY Laserpod Lazerbeam - Unique Gift For Him

Prepare to witness one of the most amazing light displays you have ever seen. No, we're not going to send you off to see the Northern Lights, we're talking about the illumination masterpiece that is the Laserpod!


Personalised Poster The Stig - £9.95

Personalised Poster The Stig

Who is the Stig? Is it your Dad or maybe your brother?


6-in-1 Utili-Key Multi-tool - £9.95

6 in 1 Utili Key Multi Tool

6 useful tools on something the size of a key! It's basically a key-shaped Swiss Army Knife! Amazing!


Stadium Wallet - Manchester United - £23.99

Stadium Wallet - Manchester United

Manchester United's Old Trafford in all its glory.


Talking Dashboard Homer - £7.75

Talking Dashboard Homer

Mmmmmmmmm........Doh! Talking Dashboard Homer!!




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Bed Of Roses Gift Set
Bed Of Roses Gift Set £21.99