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Pink Chocolate Clock

Are you a chocolate addict? A chocoholic? Feel guilty about it? Putting on the pounds? Control your urges with this iconically daft Chococlock.

Pink Chocolate Clock £19.53

The Chocolate Clock is styled upon traditional cuckoo clocks, but instead of a boring old cuckoo you get a delightful chocolaty treat (great substitution we hear you say!) Just select 'delivery mode' and it will feed your addiction on the hour, every hour to the sound of a soft chiming melody.

Concerned it'll wake you up during the night? Don't be, as its integrated light sensor ensures you don't get any unexpected night-time deliveries, and for anyone who just can't wait for their next fix there's a handy cheat button which gives you instant access to your chocolate stash, but be warned, an alarm lets everyone know you have the willpower of a incontinent puppy.

Main Features:

  • Pink, cuckoo clock style novelty clock
  • Chocolate deliveries on the hour, every hour
  • Refill with any small chocolates, sweets and treats
  • Requires 3x AA batteries (included)

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