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Chocolate Body Paint
Chocolate Body Paint £10.99

Heart Chocolate Truffles
Heart Chocolate Truffles £12.99



Birthday Gifts For A Sister

These unique birthday gifts have been specially selected with women in mind, so if you're a brother or sister looking for a birthday gift for your sister - women of all ages will love these unique birthday gifts!

Travel Jewellery Box - £34.99

Travel Jewellery Box - Unique Birthday Gift For Sister

For the glamorous sister on the go, this effortlessly stylish travel jewellery box will hold all of her most cherished items.


Milk Chocolate Marc De Champagne Truffles - £14.99

Milk Chocolate Truffles - Unique Birthday Gift For Sister
Chocolate and champagne are a classic combination and nothing goes better with the bubbly than these sugar-dusted milk chocolate truffles filled with a handmade ganache which combines milk chocolate, cream, butter and Marc de Champagne liqueur.


Gucci Envy- £34.99

Gucci Envy Me is a refreshing, flowery fragrance. This feminine scent possesses a blend of lily of valley, violet, wood, musk and vine flower.


A gorgeously comfortable and cosy fleece blanket with large, loose sleeves (Hence the name) to create the most comfortable blanket in the world that lets you cocoon yourself in warmth on the sofa as well as holding your extremely important hot chocolate or book.


Sensual Bath Truffles - £14.99

Click To BUY Sensual Bath Truffles - £14.99 -  Ideal Valentine's Day Gift - Unique Birthday Gift For Sister
From the award-winning Di Palomo range come these six handmade bath truffles blended with moisturising cocoa butter and rolled in rose petals for a luxurious bathing experience. A truly unique birthday gift for a sister guaranteed to impress.



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Bed Of Roses Gift Set
Bed Of Roses Gift Set £21.99