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Don't forget Mother's Day is 22nd March 2009. Click here for great gifts for Mum 


Birthday Gifts For Her

These unique birthday gifts have been specially selected with women in mind, so if you're looking for a birthday gift for a girlfriend, daughter, mother, wife or a sister - women of all ages will love these unique birthday gifts!

The Slanket Blanket - £34.95

A gorgeously comfortable and cosy fleece blanket with large, loose sleeves (Hence the name) to create the most comfortable blanket in the world that lets you cocoon yourself in warmth on the sofa as well as holding your extremely important hot chocolate or book.


My Last Rolo in Sterling Silver - £24.55

Click To Buy - My Last Solid Silver Rolo

Do you love anyone enough to give them your last Rolo?
Giving away your last chocolate Rolo has become the ultimate gesture of love and is forever associated with sharing and caring. A unique Birthday Gift.


Silver Love Heart - £9.78

Click to BUY Silver Love Heart

The Silver Plated Love Heart might not be worth thousands of pounds and it might not be as flash as a Tiffany's diamond necklace, but it says exactly what you want it to and it will mean the world to whoever you give it to.


A Dozen Red Passion Roses - £65.95

Click To BUY Dozen Red Passion Roses -  Unique Birthday Gift

Twelve seductive passion roses, with a deep red colouring and sumptuous beauty, hand tied and delightfully presented, makes this a beautiful gift for any birthday or special occasion.


Heart Chocolate Truffles - £12.99

Click To BUY Heart Chocolate Truffles - Unique Birthday Gift

What better birthday gift than to send luxury truffles handmade in London by the truly splendid Hope and Greenwood? Deliciously creamy, this beautiful heart box contains a selection of champagne truffles.


Secret Heart - £11.99

Click To Buy Secret Heart - Unique Birthday Gift

This solid pewter heart gives you a special and unique way of showing how you feel. Engraved on its inside edge is a secret little message for her to discover. A truly romantic birthday gift.


Sensual Bath Truffles - £14.99

Click To BUY Sensual Bath Truffles - £14.99 -  Ideal Valentine's Day Gift - Unique Birthday Gift
From the award-winning Di Palomo range come these six handmade bath truffles blended with moisturising cocoa butter and rolled in rose petals for a luxurious bathing experience. A truly unique birthday gift guarantee to impress.



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I Love You Toaster
I Love You Toaster - £26.99