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Chocolate Body Paint
Chocolate Body Paint £10.99



Birthday Gifts For A Girlfriend

These unique birthday gifts have been specially selected with girlfriends in mind, so if you're a boyfriend looking for a birthday gift idea for a girlfriend, women of all ages will love these unique birthday gifts!

Princess Miniature Spaceform Token - £8.95

Every girl wants to be a Princess but unfortunately Royal titles aren’t as freely available “as one would hope”.  You can remind a special female in your life that she is a Princess to you with a cute miniature token of your thoughts.


Paris Massager - £22.95

Paris Massager - Unique Birthday Gift For Girlfriend

Introducing Paris, the Femme Fatale... she is the very embodiment of Parisian style and seDucktion! It's not hard to see why this enchanting waterproof massager that has become an instant hit with girlfriends the world over...


Murano Sweetie Bracelet- £75.99

Murano Sweetie Bracelet - Unique Birthday Gift For Girlfriend

This tactile silver bracelet features a gorgeous deep red Murano glass heart, paired with a sterling silver flat heart. Each unique piece is hand made especially for her.


Honey Dust - £22.00

Honey Dust - Unique Birthday Gift For Girlfriend

In ancient India, honey was applied to the skin as a most-prized skin conditioner. Inspired by this concept, Honey Dust is a sensuous, edible powder made from pure natural honey. Unique birthday gift for a girlfriend.


Girlfriends Bed Of Roses- £13.99

Bed Of Roses - Unique Birthday Gift For Girlfriend

There is no better birthday gift for a girlfriend than a bed or roses! Throughout history, the rose has been used to symbolise the expression of one's love for another. How will you express your love?


Chocolate Body Paint - £10.99

Chocolate Body Paint - Unique Birthday Gift For Girlfriend

For those girlfriends who have been tempted by their creative side, indulge their artistic muse with this decadently rich body paint.



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Bed Of Roses Gift Set
Bed Of Roses Gift Set £21.99